Samsung SM-w2018 Flip Phone Full Specs leaked Video

Samsung new high-end phone video leaked out. In past days many rumour and pic come out of about this phone.After the video leaked out it almost clear that samsung is going to launch SM-W2018 flip phone. Rumour said that it may be launch on 1 December in south Koria.

The phone is in gold color and the 4.2 inch dual screen. If samsung launch this phone, we can see flip phone after very long time. The phone is running on Android 7.0 Noughat. Samsung SM-w2018 is powered by snapdragon 835 octacore processor with 6GB of ram and 64 Gb of internal storage.

Samsung SM-w2018 Flip Phone Full Specs leaked Video


The phone has two display, first is front and second when you flip your phone the inside display will work  automatic. So if you want to use as like your normal smartphone you can use without flipping phone and when you want to use like flip phone you can flip the phone and you will use it. Phone might be 13 mp rear with flash but phone not featured with dual camera. It could be a world’s first  phone who come f1.5 aperture camera. The front camera is 5 mp. It has 2300 mAh non removable battery and may be usb type-c port.

The phone has flagship hardware and the design is very intresting. But there is no official announcement from Samsung. Let’s see when Samsung officially announced about this phone. But phone’s design remind those time where flip phone is in everybody’s hand. But after intrdoction of touch screen phone flip phone suddenly disappear.


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